More than a simple rental company, Go Fun Locadora comes to bring solutions in urban mobility that meet your need and always surprising with excellence and convenience. Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Balneário Camboriú, Go Fun grows always believing in its values:


Basic premise in our relationships.


Our joy affects the people around us.


Value attitudes that generate a collaborative environment and ensure organizational results.


We seek prompt service as well as opportunities to better meet the needs of our customers.

We have created a new way of getting around in the region by sharing your vehicle, we will reduce the number of vehicles in circulation. Statistics show that a shared car can take up to 13 vehicles from the streets. Likewise, they show that private vehicles get 90% of the time stopped while working or sleeping. An expense that allied to insurance, taxes and depreciation make you rethink the need to HAVE a vehicle when you can SUFFER from its benefits. You can put your car for rental through our website, earn extra money and do a good community by sharing your vehicle. All in a transparent way, you decide which reservations will you atend!

Having a more lively city, building bonds with people who share their cars, improving the quality of life, because cities where time spent in commutes and congestion are smaller, people live better. Apart from reducing air pollution, fewer vehicles in circulation, less carbon monoxide emission.

With Go Fun Rental, you have the freedom to have a car without having to buy one.

Rethink the mobility and come and have fun with us!

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