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Requirements for Foreigners:
- Present original and valid Passport and Driver's License;
- Present Visa within the time allowed to stay in Brazil, except for LESSEEs coming from Mercosur;
- Submit a credit card, with limit available for pre-authorization on behalf of the LESSEE or FINANCIAL RESPONSIBLE;
- The Financial Manager must present a valid identity card;
- The Green Card is not accepted as a document valid only in the United States and documents issued by Consulates are not accepted for rental because they do not replace the Passport.
Guarantee for Payment - Credit Card Authorization:
- All TENANTS, Brazilian or foreign, must present at the opening of the LEASE CONTRACT, regardless of the period of lease of the VEHICLE, credit card with limit available for pre-authorization, and the values ​​vary according to the category of the VEHICLE and the credit card must be in the name of the TENANT or FINANCIAL RESPONSIBLE.
Payment Methods:
- FLAGS ACCEPTED: American Express, ELO, Dinners, Hipercard, MasterCard and Visa.
- IMPORTANT: Only cards issued by banking institutions will be accepted.
- PRE-AUTHORIZATION: From R $ 600.00. The required amount of pre-authorization will be blocked on the renter's credit card (not debited) and unlocked upon return of the vehicle. The deadline for releasing the limit will depend on the bank issuing the credit card.

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