Fill out the form below and request your reservation in advance. The daily rates include free km and secure will be the customer's choice. (Insurance does not cover glasses).

Depending on availability, we will contact you with confirmation!

Rental Conditions:
- Be at least 21 years old;
- Customers older than 18 years and under 21 years old may make the rental by paying an additional fee called "Youth Rental";
- Have a original and valid Driver's License issued one year ago;
- Present credit card, with bank issuance and limit available for pre-authorization;
- Present original ID/Passport, as Financial Responsible, and have no restrictions of any kind.
- Amounts expressed in reais (R$);
- They are not included in the fare and will be charged separately: traffic fines, taxes, additional fuel, overtime, additional protections, optional services, non-stop tag consumption, etc.
Guarantee for Payment - Credit Card Authorization:
- All CLIENTS, Brazilian or foreign, must present at the opening of the RENTAL CONTRACT, regardless of the period of the rental, credit card with limit available for the pre-authorization, and the values ​​vary according to the category of the VEHICLE and the credit card must be in the name of the CLIENT.
Payment methods:
- ACCEPTED: American Express, ELO, Hipercard, MasterCard and Visa.
- IMPORTANT: Only cards issued by banking institutions will be accepted.
- PRE-AUTHORIZATION: Value according to the policy and category of vehicles chosen, the amount of pre-authorization being blocked on the client's credit card (not debited) and unblocked after the return of the vehicle. The deadline for releasing the limit will depend on the bank issuing the credit card.

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